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Santa Maria Phase 2

Golfer's Paradise

After the successful completion of Santa Maria, we are now preparing to launch Phase 2, Golfers Paradise.

Santa Maria was built to the highest standard mixing modern style with a personal touch.  The new project will look at totally modern styles as per the customer’s requirements.  All interested parties will be able to speak to our present clients and see for themselves how happy they were to invest their hard-earned capital for the home of their dreams and achieving good income.

The new development is only 10 minutes from Santa Maria and has all the same amenities golf courses in abundance Polo Club and also the New Rugby School also some 10 minutes away.  It is our aim to sit down with our clients with regard to their chosen plot and design their home with our experience.

Golfer’s Paradise

Phase 2 will consist of 10 units uniquely designed and will have all the attributes of Santa Maria, 24 hour security, backup generator, garden and pool service.

One of the main shareholders will also have his home built in the development, as does Phase 1 of the Santa Maria development, ensuring easy contact if a problem arises.

This development will be run on the basis of equal payments with regard to all services with a small management charge which can be administered by whoever would like to hold the position and can be changed by the majority at any time.  The beauty and location of this development cannot be overstated as they say Location, Location, Location.

If you have any questions about Phase 2 of Santa Maria or securing your investment in Thailand, please contact us and we will be only too happy to assist you.